Navigating Performance Management | Check-ins | Episode 6

Your compass to HR Success

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Navigating Performance Management: Your Compass to HR Success is hosted by Roly Walter, CEO and Founder of Appraisd. We’re all about nailing the essentials of performance management and each episode, Roly and his guest discuss one of the foundations of performance management. This series covers: objective setting, giving and receiving feedback, hosting check-ins, talent development, performance as part of people strategy, organisational alignment and reward.

Navigating Performance Management: Your Compass to HR Success invites in-house performance management experts who have practical experience to share their advice and aspirations for performance management in 2024. This podcast is created by Appraisd, performance management software designed to help managers and employees get the best from each other.


In this episode of "Navigating Performance Management, Your Compass to HR Success," we had the pleasure of speaking with Ana Cengic, Associate Director HR at Affinity Private Wealth. Our conversation centred around the transformative approach Affinity has taken towards employee check-ins and performance management.

Key Takeaways

Monthly Check-Ins: Affinity conducts monthly check-ins to maintain transparency and address issues promptly. This frequency allows for regular feedback and recognition, ensuring there are no surprises during annual reviews.

Manager Training: New managers undergo a six-month training program to learn about effective people management, including setting SMART goals and KPIs. Affinity encourages managers to develop their own style while providing guidance and ensuring check-ins occur regularly.

Technology Integration: Using the Appraised platform, Affinity has moved away from paper-based systems to a more streamlined, digital approach. This allows for pre-meeting input from employees and real-time updates during check-ins, making the process efficient and less administrative.

Annual Reviews: Despite the frequent check-ins, Affinity still values an annual review process. It serves as a reflective period for both employees and the company to evaluate the past year and set future goals.

Avoiding Micromanagement: Regular check-ins are tailored to avoid micromanagement, with flexibility around schedules and an emphasis on the importance of these meetings for employee retention and satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement: The check-in process at Affinity is dynamic, with adjustments made in response to feedback from all levels of the organisation. This includes the introduction of quarterly check-ups for senior management to stay informed about employee performance.

Advice for Other Companies: Ana suggests that companies looking to implement a similar system should first ensure manager buy-in through proper training. It's crucial for managers to understand the benefits of frequent check-ins for themselves and their teams.

Connect with Ana: Listeners interested in learning more or seeking advice from Ana can find her contact details on the Affinity Private Wealth website under the team's page.

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