Navigating Performance Management | Objectives & OKRs | Episode 4

Your compass to HR Success

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Navigating Performance Management: Your Compass to HR Success is hosted by Roly Walter, CEO and Founder of Appraisd. We’re all about nailing the essentials of performance management and each episode, Roly and his guest discuss one of the foundations of performance management. This series covers: objective setting, giving and receiving feedback, hosting check-ins, talent development, performance as part of people strategy, organisational alignment and reward.

Navigating Performance Management: Your Compass to HR Success invites in-house performance management experts who have practical experience to share their advice and aspirations for performance management in 2024. This podcast is created by Appraisd, performance management software designed to help managers and employees get the best from each other.


In this episode Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd welcomed Elizma Els, Head of Human Capital, Boxfusion to discuss her experience implementing OKRs at Boxfusion.

Setting OKRs quarterly with feedback

Boxfusion cascades annual company goals into departmental and individual OKRs. They review progress quarterly and make adjustments to ensure objectives stay relevant as business needs change. This agile process keeps everyone aligned.

Educating employees on OKR process and purpose

Elizma overhauled Boxfusion's OKR training after the initial attempt failed to engage employees. She educated them monthly on concepts and benefits to gain buy-in for transparently tracking contributions to company success.

Cross-departmental collaboration through OKRs

Mixed team brainstorming linked initiatives across departments, like marketing assisting HR's employer branding. OKRs authorised cross-team partnerships to tackle goals requiring diverse perspectives.

Transparency and accountability with OKR reporting

The Appraisd system flags incomplete OKRs for follow up. Managers and employees track progress toward linked goals, fostering responsibility. Visibility into everyone's work prevents objectives from being forgotten.

Common OKR pitfalls to avoid

Elizma warned against rushing implementation and annual evaluations that surprise employees. Regular coaching builds confidence in ongoing feedback outside formal reviews. Thorough training explains goals' purpose to motivate participation.