Navigating Performance Management | Feedback | Episode 5

Your compass to HR Success

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Navigating Performance Management: Your Compass to HR Success is hosted by Roly Walter, CEO and Founder of Appraisd. We’re all about nailing the essentials of performance management and each episode, Roly and his guest discuss one of the foundations of performance management. This series covers: objective setting, giving and receiving feedback, hosting check-ins, talent development, performance as part of people strategy, organisational alignment and reward.

Navigating Performance Management: Your Compass to HR Success invites in-house performance management experts who have practical experience to share their advice and aspirations for performance management in 2024. This podcast is created by Appraisd, performance management software designed to help managers and employees get the best from each other.


Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd welcomed Emma King to discuss feedback and performance management at Costello Medical, where she oversees 400 employees across four countries as Head of People.

Importance of feedback

Emma framed feedback as essential for career development, encouraging managers to provide it informally and frequently to avoid criticism and enable growth.

Giving Feedback frequently

Emma advocated daily feedback through catch-ups to normalise conversations and address issues promptly, complementing biannual 360 reviews which identify improvement areas.

Using technology for feedback

Emma saw technology like Appraisd as helpful but not replacing human conversations; managers still discuss feedback to ensure understanding and follow-through on goals.

Talent development and growth

Emma focused on progression opportunities for Costello's ambitious, specialised talent through responsibilities, mentorship and identifying high performers via consistent, honest feedback.

Feedback and organisational culture

Emma linked feedback and integrity to Costello's values, believing openness and honesty about performance ultimately enables the company to deliver quality work and expand in their sector.

Remote working balance

Emma discussed Costello's 50% office policy for mentorship and collaboration benefits, while also allowing focused remote feedback delivery through technology like Slack.

Future of feedback processes

Emma planned process changes like annual versus biannual reviews due to regular check-ins already occurring; technology would help identify feedback themes to guide career-long development.