Debunking Performance Management Manager Myths
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Debunking Performance Management Manager Myths

No more excuses!

“I haven’t got enough time”

“I don’t see the value in this”

“I know my team, I don’t need to do this”

Rolls eyes

Just some of the many objections we hear as HR from managers when it comes to us asking them to support Performance Management. So how do we overcome these objections? And flip them to encourage managers to follow all important Performance Management processes?

We think we have the answer and our expert panel are going to debunk these objections whilst giving tangible examples of how to overcome them.

Watch now as we discuss:

  1. The most common manager objections to Performance Management
  2. How to debunk and tackle these objections
  3. Real world examples of how this has been done
  4. How we can support managers to support their people with Performance Management

This webinar is for HR professionals who want to flip manager objections into positives with the power of Performance Management.

Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO

Roly launched online performance management system Appraisd in 2012. Since then, it has been adopted by hundreds of businesses and is used by tens of thousands of employees around the world. Roly began his career as a Business Analyst at Goldman Sachs designing global online HR tools. It was this experience that inspired him to design and launch Appraisd.

Amira Kohler
Amira Kohler
HR Transformation, Performance and Change Management Specialist

Amira has supported organisations and employees in optimising their performance, productivity and engagement.

Having worked in the field of performance management for 30 years, she has experienced the subject from every possible angle. From designing and delivering performance solutions to programme management of global software implementations. She transformed organisations and teams with her deep expertise, both as a leader and as an employee, experiencing the process on the ground. She has also shared her knowledge through speaking and writing as a subject matter expert and thought leader.

Pragmatic and insightful, she knows many managers struggle to lead high-performance teams and find performance management tools unwieldy and complex. She is passionate about guiding organisations, managers and employees through this complex world; optimising performance and engagement with tried-and-tested, practical tools and techniques.

Marc Earnshaw
Marc Earnshaw
Independent Consultant

Marc’s work in Talent, Learning, and Organisational Development over the last 20 years has impacted thousands of people at global organisations. He is driven by helping people and teams improve their performance.

A creative, consultative, and valued business partner, he collaborates to deliver successful outcomes for talent programmes, learning initiatives, and new ways of working that enhance the employee experience and organisational performance.

Marc’s direct experience leading teams through awkward performance management processes lead to him transforming the approach globally and building a career in Talent and Learning with global organisations. Marc now shares his experience with clients via his own people and performance development consultancy, PeopleDev.

Tom Blake
Tom Blake
Executive HR Leader

Tom Blake is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Human Resources. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Tom's a Chartered MCIPD and the driving force behind Blake Connolly Ltd,a consultancy dedicated to optimising organisational performance through a strategic people focus.

Tom's philosophy is clear: strong businesses are built on strong people. His career path reflects this deeply. He's held senior HR leadership roles across diverse industries, from the precision of manufacturing to the dynamism of technology and the consumer-driven world of FMCG. He's an architect of high-performance cultures, crafting environments where employees can flourish and contribute their best. His strategic talent management programs have empowered organisations to identify, develop, and retain top talent, ensuring a pipeline of future leaders.

Tom's passion is infectious. He's driven by the desire to unlock the full potential of organisations, and he achieves this by fostering cultures of high performance and meticulously building the talent pool needed for sustained success. He's a thought leader, a trusted advisor, and a champion for performance-driven HR.

Watch on-demand webinar
Watch on-demand webinar

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Roly Walter
Roly Walter
Founder and CEO
26 Jun
11:00 am