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August 25, 2022
March 28, 2024
Introducing a new performance management tool
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The HR tech market is booming. Over the last decade, the market has seen an increase in the number of tools dedicated to helping HR teams. From recruitment and onboarding to performance management and employee development.

Whilst HR tech has helped improve HR processes, not all are easily adopted by employees. These can only be effective if employees understand why and how they should use them. Therefore, communicating the benefit of these tools is vital.

When implementing a new performance management system, organisations need to consider several aspects. From selecting the best tool, implementation and employee adoption.

Appraisd Customer Sucess team has worked with organisations big and small implementing Appraisd. Although each customer is unique there are some similarities when implementing new technology. Below are your 4 key considerations when implementing a new performance management tool.

1. Do the groundwork which will set the tone

"What do you want to achieve?" or “What is the benefit to employees and the company?” are the first questions to ask. Are you looking to save time; improve employee experience or streamline outdated processes?

Identifying the need for a new performance management tool helps understand its value. Set meaningful and clear objectives and help define what success looks like. It also allows for a clear vision ensuring support from key stakeholders.

Speak to people across the business to find employees who will become champions of your new tool. Create a network of advocates who help communicate its benefits to your employees.

2. Spend time scoping the most appropriate configuration

You know your people and your organisation best, so trust in your own knowledge. When reaching out to a supplier be clear on your objectives. Ensure your supplier is able to deliver what you need.

Your final solution needs to solve a problem for your employees. Whether you are looking to save them time or remove frustration, ensure the new tools is fit to solve an actual problem. A tool that is fit for purpose and evidences its benefits clearly is more likely to get adopted.

Don’t rush conversations with suppliers, go at your own pace. You don’t have to install everything at once.

Taking a step-by-step approach can help keep things simple and avoid overloading employees.

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3. Get employee adoption by promoting the new tool across the business

Treat the launch of a new piece of software in the same way you would the launch of a new product.

Take time to plan communications. Consider all the channels you have available to reach employees. Think creatively about how you can put the message across. It can be useful to use graphics, videos and supporting facts to build a compelling message.

Form a project launch team with people from across the business. Ensure they can help spread the message and cascade it through the organisation. Ask for feedback and encourage your team to share ideas on how to communicate the new tool's benefits.

Have an event for the new performance management system rollout so it's not ignored. This is not an HR initiative, but one that will benefit the whole organisation.

4. Keep focus and build momentum

The launch is only the beginning. If the new performance management system is to make a difference, it’s important that it remains top of mind.

As well as creating a launch plan, look at ongoing activity linked to key dates or company events. Ensure there are reminders to employees to use the tool and on the benefits of the new system.

Share with stakeholders and employees any early successes so they can see the positive benefits for themselves. Setting up a steering group can help maintain this impetus. Review progress and put forward ideas for future developments. Ensure the tool evolves with the needs of employees and the business.

Any forward-thinking supplier will be happy to work in partnership to ensure you make the most of your new system. Take advantage of all the support and innovations they have to offer.

New technology can enhance your employee's experience at work, transforming their performance and motivation. However, don’t rely on the system to do all the work for you. Putting time and effort into an ongoing communication plan can dramatically increase that effect.

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