How activereach transformed their reviews process with Appraisd

Implementing a solution that was slick, easy and effective in improving collaboration between managers and employees whilst providing clear sight of each objective and tracking performance against them.

activereach performance management with Appraisd
engagement with the reviews process
employee retention through greater focus on development
Reduced time
Reduced time
taken each month to prepare and deliver reviews

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Raza Rizvi is the Technical Director at IT network and security specialists activereach based in Buckinghamshire. As part of his extensive role, it is his responsibility to research, implement and oversee all IT systems within the business. In 2018 he felt the time was right to look for an online appraisal and reviews system as the current process was no longer fit for purpose. At the time, they used Microsoft Word documents that were time-consuming to complete with manual input after the appraisal had occurred. Reviews had become a burden rather than a benefit to the business. Raza shares his journey with Appraisd.

In this interview-style case study, Raza discusses activereach search for an employee performance management solution and the benefits achieved by implementing Appraisd as their preferred solution.

<h2 class="hide">A flexible, simple to use and affordable system</h2>

What were you looking for?

At the top of my list of requirements was a system that was flexible, simple to use and affordable. We are a small business, so it needed to be something that could be easily tailored to our specific requirements, without breaking the bank. I wanted something that was cloud-based, as employees needed to access it remotely. I also wanted a UK-based provider to ensure customer support would be available when we needed them.

How did you go about finding a system?

I started by looking at what other businesses were using to get an idea of what would work for us. I had an intern working for me at the time who did a lot of the leg work, researching what was available, and drawing up a list of possibilities. Going through these I was immediately struck by the simplicity and appealing look of Appraisd. I could see how our employees would be attracted by the colour-coded sections which made navigation around the tool very clear. Following a demo, I took the plunge and signed up. Over the quiet Christmas period, I worked on Appraisd to get it ready for the first of our monthly reviews in January 2019.

<h2 class="hide">Providing clear sight of employee objectives</h2>

How have employees found using Appraisd?

The first thing they immediately commented on was that it made the process so much easier and quicker. They could now go through their reviews together with their managers and they enjoyed this collaborative approach. They feel far more engaged with their reviews and have begun to own their development. Appraisd has allowed them to become involved in a way they couldn’t do before, providing clear sight of their objectives and how they are performing against these. They can update their objectives in real-time as they actually do work on them, so both they and I can see it progressing.

“I firmly believe that Appraisd has allowed us to retain employees that would have otherwise left. Having the tool shows them we are investing in them as people and effectively facilitates their personal development. It has given us far more than just a new review system.”<div  class="author">Raza Rizvi, Technical Director, activereach</div>

<h2 class="hide">Ensuring business clarity around performance</h2>

How has Appraisd benefited your business?

For me, Appraisd has given the business clarity around performance that we just didn’t have before. It has also helped establish common objectives that everyone is aware of and can follow, ensuring that everyone is pulling in the same direction. The process is so slick now, dramatically reducing the time taken each month to prepare and deliver reviews. The automated reminders mean everyone is well prepared for their meetings, ensuring their time is used productively. It makes our people better managers. Beyond reviewing day-to-day tasks, it also gives them an opportunity to discuss other issues such as how employees are coping with their workloads or any outside stresses.

How have you found working with Appraisd?

While Appraisd is a very good fit for our needs, there are always things that could be improved. I’ve been really impressed by how willing Appraisd is to listen to customer feedback and to act upon it. It’s great to work with an organisation that understands where we are coming from and what we need as a business. Their customer success team has always responded promptly to my requests and has been there whenever I need help or advice.

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