Your colleagues have the answers

We believe that feedback, praise and advice from one person to another, given in the right way, is one of the most powerful self-development tools you can get - and Appraisd well help you make the most of it.

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Timely feedback and praise

Yasmin receives some feedback – she now has a great idea boosting her management skills. Naturally, she adds to her personal development plan to put her strategy into action.

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Get feedback yourself

Just completed a project?

Don’t wait for your manager to get involved. Ask your colleagues to give you specific, helpful advice on how to maximise your potential.

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Witness the culture change

At Appraisd, we know it’s unwise to hope for overnight change. It takes time for people to change habits and get accustomed to new behaviours.

Appraisd can help you get a sense of the progress your organisation is making with insights and charts, helping you apply yourself to just those teams and functions that need a little extra help.

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Make giving and receiving feedback the norm

How do you create a culture of feedback? Give people the tools, and they will use them.

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Give feedback in the moment

Thought Anna did a great job in the pitch just now? Let her know with instant feedback.

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Get feedback when you want

Just completed a project? Ask your colleagues to give you specific, helpful advice on how to maximise your strengths

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Formal 360° feedback

Incorporate 360 feedback into reviews for a comprehensive view of the things that matter to you.

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Appraisd has always gone the extra mile to help me. For example, I reached out one time because I needed a change in a 360-feedback review form, and they made it happen. I know it took them a long time to make the change, and it was very important for our team member

Charlane Brady, Executive Vice President of Operations, Launch, Inc

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