Over 60,000 people love using Appraisd

Successful businesses around the world—from startups to enterprises—use Appraisd to execute on strategic goals and retain their best people.

Over 40,000 people love using Appraisd

Our account manager Ros has been brilliant. She is helpful, knowledgeable and fantastic to work with

Lauren Barber
Lauren Barber
Learning & Development Administrator

We are looking to create a more regular feedback culture and the new recognition feature within the system should help us do that

Rebecca H.
Rebecca H.
HR Director

Appraisd is easy to navigate both as a regular user and also as an administrator. We like that it has the ability to add company logos and colors.

Mollie D
Mollie D
HR Manager

Why leading organisations choose Appraisd

Shaped by your needs

Our platform is designed to fully accommodate your organisation’s culture and processes.

Adopted by your managers

Appraisd’s simple interface delivers clear value to managers and drives proactive behaviour.

Trusted by your employees

A dedicated performance and development tool, ensuring privacy and integrity in all the information it holds.