Over 40,000 people love using Appraisd

Successful businesses around the world—from startups to enterprises—use Appraisd to execute on strategic goals and retain their best people.

Over 40,000 people love using Appraisd

Appraisd has changed the mindset of our workforce. Now employees are coming to me asking about their development, rather than me pursuing them to get their reviews done.

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
Office Manager

Appraisd has shown to be very responsive and flexible in providing tailor made solutions to improve our performance management system. Its intuitive and innovative technology has been quickly embraced by our staff and we are confident that it will deliver long term sustainable benefits throughout the organisation.

Tony Buss
Tony Buss
Managing Director

I firmly believe that Appraisd has allowed us to retain employees that would have otherwise left. Having the tool shows them we are investing in them as people and effectively facilitates their personal development. It has given us far more than just a new reviews system.

Raza Rizvi
Raza Rizvi
Technical Director

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Why leading organisations choose Appraisd

Shaped by your needs

Our platform is designed to fully accommodate your organisation’s culture and processes.

Adopted by your managers

Appraisd’s simple interface delivers clear value to managers and drives proactive behaviour.

Trusted by your employees

A dedicated performance and development tool, ensuring privacy and integrity in all the information it holds.